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Meat Substitutes

Lego HeroQuest

Hi, I'm Fozzles/Foz/Alex. I made this website to document the different projects I started during the Coronavirus lockdown(s).

The first project was to stock a full bar at home. The idea was every time we did our weekly food shop I would pick up a bottle of alcohol. By the end of lockdown we could have a cocktail party. But it dragged on for so long I'd bought a bottle of all the usual alcohols in the supermarket and started moving on to ordering online. After that I stopped because we had more than enough. Then by the second or third lockdown I gave up and we just started drinking. No pictures of this project because I don't have an actual bar, it's just a boring shelf full of booze.

The second project was to try and review all the fake meats (meat analogues) I could find. Living in a pescatarian household we occasionally buy meat substitutes and there are so many out there now I forget which ones I like and which ones are any good. So I started keeping track. So far the projects were all about food and drink because the supermarket was literally the only place we were leaving the house for (other than walks in the park).

Then the third project was to create this website, so I could check which products I preferred while actually in the supermarket. Then I expanded it to include all the stuff I'd been working on. I was going to try to make some kind of cocktail database as a call back to my first project, but my skills are way too rusty, for now it's just good to be working on a website again (my 4th one over the years).

The fourth project has been the most expensive and time consuming. Recreating the classic boardgame HeroQuest in Lego. It's definitely been a learning experience.

The fifth project is to create a homage to the videogame The Chaos Engine in the new Nintendo Switch game/game engine Game Builder Garage. I did some game making as part of my degree many years ago. I might reupload those old projects (from my old 2nd website) and include them all in a games section.

The sixth project hasn't started yet, but it's to create fancy chocolates for Christmas gifts this year. I tried a tempering experiment and it didn't go well, so this could go horribly wrong.

Also since lockdown ended I've also taken up some new projects. I'm writing a novel, and I've been working on designing a board game with my younger son (I also started working on another boardgame by myself but have put it to one side for now).

Recipes (not a project, but something I'm adding here for convenience).


If for some bizarre reason you want to contact me about anything on the site you can email me if you solve this simple puzzle: