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Christmas Plait Splat

baking tray
200°C | 400°F | Gas Mark 6
25-30 minutes (until well risen and golden)

150g (5oz)
Cooking Apples
Peel, core and slice. Then put aside.
368g (13oz)
Puff Pastry block
Roll out until roughly 38cm (15") square.
250g (9oz)
Roll into a rectangle 35 x 13cm (14 x 5"). Lay down the middle of the pastry. Put the apple slices on the marzipan.
150g (5oz)
Put on top of the apple.
Beat and put to one side.

Cut the pastry on either side of the filling into 2½cm (1") strips (the strips should still be attached to the pastry).
Lay the strips over the filling, alternating sides to make a plait.
Brush with the beaten egg and bake until done.