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Butter Sponge

Note: This recipe has measurements for 2 different amounts of batter.

Note: For 7" or 9" square use 1x, for 10" square or 13 x 9" use 2x.

grease (melted white flora or butter) and line base of pan with greaseproof paper, then flour (plain flour)
200°C | 400°F | Gas Mark 6
20 minutes (22 max!) (should spring back when touched, not tear)

Eggs (large)
Whisk to full sponge in stand mixer (20 mins on max?).
8oz (226g)
Caster Sugar
It should still leave whisk marks when you lift the whisk out.
6oz (170g)
Plain Flour
Sift together while the mixer is running.
3oz (85g)
Corn Flour
Fold into the beaten eggs and sugar gently but quickly.
3oz (85g)
Unsalted Butter (melted, then cooled)
Fold in, but doesn't need to be fully incorporated.

Pour mixture in to the pan, spreading it evenly, and bake until done.
Leave to cool for 10 minutes, then run a knife around the edges of the pan and tip out onto a wire cooling rack.
Peel the paper off the base. Once cooled cover with cling film to keep moist. Slice into 3 layers.